Classes & Events

Following an intensive few years of training with some of the best breath, yoga, sound and holistic therapy healers and teachers in the wellness world, I am over the moon (and sun, and stars!) to be able to combine them together in classes and sessions to help others also learn that we are all capable of radically changing the way that we feel through the breath, stretch, flex and just a little bit of rest.

I teach a form of yoga where we focus on the power of the pause, the breath, the science, the hormones, the stretches and making everyone feel as welcome as possible regardless of religion, body size or ability. It follows my training in classic Kundalini Yoga (that which opens and closes the classes with simple but mindblowingly centering and grounding chants), as well as Kundalini Global – a radically inclusive new form of yoga, that is based around lots of the same traditional Kundalini yoga sequences and breathwork, but which doesn’t open and close with the traditional chants.

My regular classes (which i’m making free until September) are:

10am Saturday Morning – 1 hour Classic Kundalini Yoga

8pm Tuesday evening – 35 minute Calming Breath + Stretch (known fondly by many of those who come to the class as ‘Pranayama in Pyjamas :@))

I will also be re-introducing my weekly abs focused yoga again soon.

As mentioned above I am making my classes complimentary over the summer period.  Please join the mailing list or email me to access the zoom code.  From September (or if you are super keen buy them now :@) you can purchase passes to the classes in the Shop section on this website.

All classes are currently on zoom but I will be introducing in person classes soon. if you have any questions at all please do email me.

Private 1:1 sessions are also available. Whether a personalised ‘learn to meditate’ two-month mentorship, 1-month ‘Breath Prescription’, an all-out pampering package with exclusive 1:1 treatments and classes with Katharine, I pride myself on devising and delivery, real-world programmes, with other-worldly results, with breath and learning the power of the pause at the heart and soul of all that I do.