How to prepare Cacao

For a daily dose – for instance in a milkshake which is how I drink it – we recommend approximately 20-25g per person. Or if you it is for a Cacao ceremony use up to 42g, but we really recommend you only do this quantity in a ceremonial ceremony, hosted by an experienced and gentle Cacaoista.

There are a number of recipes on the Tips & Tools section but personally my favourite way of drinking it, is as follows:

Cacao by K Milkshake

  • Cut up some Cacao into small pieces, ideally using a serrated knife. Do not grate it. I can’t explain why but in lots of years of drinking Cacao in and out of ceremony, I have always found grating it to impact the effect. If you don’t have a scales, and I rarely do (obviously apart from when i’m weighing out Cacao packages for excited customers and clients :@), I have worked out that the daily 25g recommended quantity is equal to around 3 tablespoons once cut up.
  • Put the cut up Cacao into a blender – a nutri bullet works perfectly – with a mug full of hot water
  • Half a banana if you have one as really helps with the texture and taste – and literally makes it a meal in itself!
  • A half a cup of brown rice milk or almond milk (soya milk I find to work less well but it’s a matter of personal taste)
  • A splash of cold water.
  • Mix in the blender (if using a Nutri Bullet type appliance I’d suggest you turn the lid on and off a few times to release any air and reduce build up of heat from the hot water).
  • Serve with a sprig of mint. I take time to sit down and drink mine with a recyclable straw.

Or, some prefer to prepare on the stove. Again 25g / 3 tablespoons of cut up Cacao. Stir gently for around 10 minutes in a saucepan with 1 and a ½ cups of hot water (as some will boil away). Do not let it come to the boil. In my experience it can taste more bitter this way, but it’s individual tastes. The milkshake is literally a meal in itself.

Whichever route you take, the environment within which you prepare it is key. Free of tension, fuelled with uplifting music and prepared as mindfully as you can. I promise you this makes a huge difference. I will be posting a playlist here soon with music i have found to be perfect for a Cacao preparation soundtrack.

You can find other recipes under the Tips & Tools section on this website and on the @feellikeafishinwater instagram