What is Cacao by K?

Natural, nurturing, grounding yet uplifting, and said by many to be a mood and metabolism booster, Cacao by K is Ceremonial Grade Cacao, ethically sourced, organic, sugar free, with no additives, non-GMO, fair trade, and vegan,

My own brand of Cacao, as I say on the packaging it is literally grown with love in the Amazon by the Tsatsayaku Communities (made up of and benefiting 140 Kichwa and Mesizo families), and packed with love by me and some of my favourite feel good humans in London. Even better it is literally packed full of love and just as Cacao has been renowned to do for thousands of years, most who drink this ancient nectar literally and genuinely feel that love. It’s a magical super highway to opening the heart, releasing creativity and generally having an all round better day. Legal, fuelled with love and heart opening.

More importantly than anything, by purchasing this Cacao you are not only helping to spread the magic, majesty and mystery of the spirit of Cacao, but more importantly you are helping the Tsatsayaku Communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon, enabling them to maintain their traditional livelihood, feed their families and protect the rainforest. Thankyou so much if you are already one of the people who has treated themselves or a loved one to this special soul food.

Please note that Cacao is not suitable for those on SSRIs / antidepressants.