Hi, I’m Katharine and I founded Like a Fish in Water with one ‘soul’ aim – to do my small part to try and help people stop feeling like fish out of water. My journey started nearly 7 years ago when I had a freak accident and ended up with what the neurologists called a ‘significant brain injury’ and long-term concussion. I swore the day I was well enough, I would train in all the things that helped get me better, so I could help others to thrive rather than simply survive regardless of what life throws at them.

Like A Fish In Water is the result of what happened next. I have trained in everything that I found helped me and my bruised brain– holistic massage, kundalini yoga, gong and sound healing, meditation, yoga for mastering the anxious personality, pranayama and breath work – and all with the very best teachers I could find for each. I even took (and actually passed!) an anatomy diploma – me, the girl that at one stage thought and was told she was ‘done’ and may never read again. Proof that with the right attitude and tools, anything truly is possible.

Watch this space for a host of new classes and a top secret invite-only offering launching soon…

"By your own investment in your spiritual practice, it is not just you that leaves with a radiant face, you take lots of others along with you" Guru Nanak

What are people saying?

  • "“I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart how your meditation has helped me through a very serious situation... you are blessed with a gift…”" Alan, 50

  • "“We all slept in and had a really really deep sleep. It must be the gong!!!! We are going to try and join it more. Thank you so so much.”" Jane, 40

  • ""I was always adamant I was never going to being one of those yogi bores, but wow this yoga is very different. The incredible music it is set to, and the amount of rest periods set aside for reflection, I feel have found my route to calm - and yes even to my abs! Thankyou."" Natalie, 33

  • ""The tools and techniques I learn in the session, not only help me have the most incredible experience in the classes, but more importantly than that help me outside. Learning to use the breath to control and calm the mind, for me has been a life-changer."" Lucy, 37

Gong Baths

For those who have never attended a gong bath or sound healing, and who might be sceptical of it being a bit woo-woo, all I can say is please try it, you won’t look back. Even those of you who may have had a few uncertain, unsettling experiences with the gong – I too have been there! – can rest assured that this will be different. In the words of my trainer “The gong works on all levels to heal and transform. From the purely physical, to the emotional and spiritual. Its cosmic resonance does what all therapy is made to do – reminds us of who we truly are and not what we think we have become.” And let’s face it, we can all do with a bit of that. Benefits include: Aiding a deeper sleep * Reducing stress & anxiety * Assist with pain relief * Helping to break addictive habits and regenerate the nervous system.

“In sound we are born, in sound we are healed” Mehtab Benton

I was blessed to be trained by who many see as the ultimate gong master – Mehtab Benton – renowned teacher and author of nearly all the most definitive books and guides to gongs. It was one of the most magical, transformational trainings I’ve ever experienced, with the focus from start to finish on only ever playing the gong from a neutral mind and an open heart, and each and every time I play it I feel lucky I am able to share the gifts each gong session brings, and in a way that calms and relaxes the body and soul, rather than shock it as some gong playing does. All you need to do is layback, pop your eyelids shut, open the ears and open your mind. What do you have to lose :@). Private group sessions & 1:1s available on request.

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I first experienced the power of the breath at an unexpected visit to my first wellness retreat in Thailand. Arriving hungover and highly unimpressed with the lack of swimming pool, I reluctantly agreed to attending a sacred breath workshop on my first day that I was told would take me on a journey through my subconscious. Cynical and with low expectations, within 2 minutes of breathing in a certain way I suddenly found myself on the very promised journey, humbled and wowed in equal measure, and signing up to a seven day programme.

After years of attending classes, and reading and researching the subject, this year I have been lucky enough to train with who I (and many others) see as the high priestess of pranayama, Carolyn Cowan.  After qualifying with her coveted Yoga Alliance Pranayama certification, as well as her ‘Mastering the Addictive & Anxious Personality’ teacher training qualification, I am blessed to be able to share those learnings and life-changing effects of the breath and the stretch with others.

All of my treatments, sound healings, 1:1 and group classes incorporate ancient, scientifically proven breath and stretch techniques into sessions which serve modern day needs. Please email me for more information.

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The word meditation conjures up so many different things to so many people, the thought of it evoking sheer panic in some, and other-wordly bliss in others. Though most people grow up with some sort of vision of someone sitting crossed legged under a tree for hours, the reality is that meditation is actually anything that is done consciously, and whilst you can of course do it sat crossed-legged, there are also countless other forms – from those which involve talking and chanting, to walking and even eating meditations. All of them have the same end goal, a goal each and every human being wants to achieve in their lifetime– to calm and master the mind.

My weekly 8.45pm Tuesday evening calming BREATH + stretch class is the perfect introduction, and I promise you it will prove that anybody can master meditation, and in turn master that dreaded ‘monkey mind’.

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“In Kundalini yoga the most important thing is your experience. It goes right to your heart. No words can replace that experience.”

Kundalini Yoga is known as a ‘Raj Yoga’ – a yoga of kings – and also as the yoga of awareness and the yoga of angles. Through a variety of tools – including postures, breathwork, meditation and use of mantras and sound currents – it is proven to bring about certain energetic and physiological effects, and can help connect us back to our true ‘non-masked’ self, release energy blockages in the mind and the body, and most importantly help us to ‘live our best life’.

Kundalini Yoga is very different to the other more commonly known yogas practised in the west. Though still physically demanding, it is much less focused on flexibility than physical yogas, and prides itself on having no restrictions based on physical capability. It also gives results in a much shorter space of time compared to other yogas. For example, one year of Kundalini Yoga is said to be equivalent to 11 years of Hatha.

I was blessed to be trained by the Karam Kriya school in London and at their Ashram in Portugal. It was a truly transformational year-long experience, which changed my life, and continues to change my life daily. In addition I have also completed the globally renowned Starchild Training to teach yoga, breath & meditation to 3 to 18 years olds, as well as Carolyn Cowan’s teacher training for ‘Mastering the Addictive and Anxious Personality’.

I will always feel eternal gratitude to the school and my many inspiring teachers and mentors, particularly to Kwali Kumara to whom I owe so much and learn from each and every day.

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"Eliminate to Illuminate"


Mentoring & 1:1s

Bespoke Programmes & Coaching

For those who prefer, or simply wish to treat themselves, to a 1:1 approach, I can create the perfect solution for you.

Whether a personalised ‘learn to meditate’ two-month mentoring, or coaching which helps you achieve that much desired sweet-spot balance between the spiritual and material worlds -and I promise you that you can have and enjoy both –  Like a Fish in Water prides itself on real-world programmes, with other-worldly results, which work for your specific needs on any given day, and at a pace which works to support rather than add stress to your daily routine.

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